So You Don’t Think This Can Happen to Your Lake?? Neither Did These Folks!

In 2015 this lake was a “resort” atmosphere with pontoon boats, fishing, and skiing – two years later, it looked like this. The invasive weed, spatterdock, starts at shore line and spreads toward center of the lake very quickly.  Among most notable of  Pinellas County Lakes who have the beginning of  “weed spread” are Alligator, Beckett, Chautauqua, Crescent, Lansbrook Shiloh, Maggiorre, St. George, Sylvia, Boot Ranch Tarpon Canal and West Lake Seminole. The latter is pictured below. The ECO HARVESTER machine can remove surface weeds/algae  and submerged vegetation from a ten acre lake in  one day.

WESTERN LAKE SEMINOLE – this lake is not scheduled for treatment.

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